Sofia Brockenshire (b. Canada,1988) studied Cinema in Argentina (FUC), and is an MFA Candidate at the

School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her film work aims to reflect upon issues of displacement, memory, and the flow of transient lives.  Anchored by an archeological approach of excavation, accumulation and synthesis, audiovisual archives are considered vital remains to deal with buried histories and the politics of location, which are re-worked with contemporary materials into diaristic, collage-like structures. Her works explore the psychological role of the searcher, who aims to uncover questions of rootlessness and journeys of expatriation through the act of seeing and hearing. With an emphasis on editing and sound design, a series of spatial and temporal juxtapositions between personal experiences and broader sociopolitical contexts are created in favor of narratives that are digressive, non-chronological, and multilingual.

She was selected at the Berlinale Talent Campus (2013) and participated in the Documentary Project of the University of Tella (2014). Her work has been selected and awarded at various international film festivals and cultural institutions around the world, including the Venice Film Festival, Instituto Itaú Cultural (Brazil) and MALBA (Argentina). She was selected jury member for the national screenplay competition by the National Arts Fund of Argentina in 2019. She was a frequent collaborator with Nabis Filmgroup, an award-winning production company focusing on the creation of art house films in Latin America. She currently resides in Chicago, USA.

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